SMALL HOUSES comprise an important element of ecological design. The Studio encourages building less, with natural and recycled component materials, while creating spaces that are spacious, comfortable, and inspiring. Small houses spiritually connect with both site and owner, while requiring minimal resources to build, heat, and maintain. Small houses also help build community. Owners and friends often connect with each other by participating in the building process.

Lockwood Residence

LOCKWOOD RESIDENCE This simple and compact low energy house is built on an existing lot in South Sandpoint. The carefully designed 2 bedroom, 2 bath house, it’s garage, and entry porch are arranged on the site for maximum passive solar gain, intimate and flexible outdoor space, and inviting street connection.

Peer Residence

PEER RESIDENCE This one bedroom residence in North Idaho grew from the owner’s desire to accomplish two things: (1) to work with natural and recycled building materials and (2) to utilize the heat of the winter sun and the stable temperatures of the earth for keeping energy costs down.

Nye Residence

NYE RESIDENCE An owner-built, single-story house with loft, built with a Rasta recycled-foam wall system. Southern dormers bring sun into a spacious great room, where lake and mountain views appear to the north.

SCCD Spec Houses

SPOKANE COUNTY CONSERVATION DISTRICT STRAW BALE HOUSING An infill housing project designed to put straw-bale construction in direct competition with stick-built homes on the speculative market in Washington State, while including the same features at prices competitive with other homes in their neighborhood.

Spread Residence

SPREAD RESIDENCE The first straw-bale building constructed in a major city in the Northwest. . This community-built and city-funded Spokane, Washington home demonstrates the possibility of providing ecological housing for inner-city neighborhoods.

Chittick Residence

CHITTICK RESIDENCE This spacious, 1600 sq ft, healthy-finished house is built with recycled wood and cement wall components. Large windows face the lake on one side and the sun on another, and flood the interior with light.

Jana Lane Guest House

JANA LANE GUEST HOUSE The architect and his friends built the 500 sq ft structure with load-bearing, two-string straw bale walls. Participants in a three-day workshop learned to stack, compress, and double-coat the walls with cement stucco. They learned that air-bag compression produces strong, well-insulated walls.

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