PROJECTS Here are examples of our completed projects, listed by size and type. Small houses are under 1800 sq ft and large houses are over 1800 sq ft. Use the links below to view project details. Construction types include straw bale, recycled wall systems, panel systems, and wood frame. All buildings complement the natural and urban site and the personal desires of the client.

Small Houses

SMALL HOUSES Lockwood Residence - Peer Residence - Nye Residence - SCCD Spec Houses - Spread Residence - Chittick Residence - Jana Lane Guest House

Larger Houses

LARGER HOUSES Braun Residence - Connolly Residence - Berg Residence - Owen Residence - Copeland-Payton Residence - Sanger Residence - Barrett Residence - McBirney Residence - Leenhouts Residence - Stewart Residence - Bittner Residence - Bruya Residence - Meyer Residence


Multi Family Houses

MULTI FAMILY Park Cottages - Green Lane Community - Chapel Point 300 - Highland Village - Westwood Townhouses

Non Residential

NON RESIDENTIAL Heartwood Center - Lake Plaza - Cedar Street Station - Swans Landing

Selected projects in Philadelphia with AFA

ALLEY FRIENDS ARCHITECTS (AFA) Selected solar, urban rehabilitation and multi family projects completed in Philadelphia with AFA.

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